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Christmas Mini Tips for a Great Session


Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm


This was the first year that we went to Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm for mini sessions and it was amazing!! The tree farm was so cute and because it was before the season, we pretty much had it to ourselves. The Farm only allows a few photographers at a time so that we are not in each others shots.

Our props set up was filled with whites, greens, browns, gold and red for splashes of color

Because Shane and I tag teamed this session, we had him start at our staged location. He made sure to get all the posed photos with our props, which are perfect for Christmas cards. Our set up was  focused towards more neutral, woodsy colors, but we still added the shinny gold to help catch the eye.

Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm

Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm


After the posed session, I took the families through the farm to get shots through the trees and around the location. They had a great little cabin in the back with a wooden porch that allowed us to have shade, which gave us more even lighting! Next to the cabin we had more variety with a field and tall grass.

We loved the outfit choices out clients went with! Many of them stuck to  browns, blues and greens with a little red, it went so well with the trees and outdoors. It is always a good idea to have your group color coordinated, but not too matchy.

Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm


Bluebird Christmas Tree Farm

Every once in awhile we had some tears from our littlest models so we had to think quick on our feet. Snacks, Silly faces and You tube videos brought the smiles right back….we owe a lot to “Baby Shark”, that song is a lifesaver!

More tips for Great Christmas Photos:

let their personality shine

Decorating the Christmas tree is a great way to engage the kids

There is nothing like warm hugs to make your heart melt

Games, like follow the toddler, are amazing

Silly faces do the trick!

There was so much to learn this go around but I feel like we had a good groove. We really look forward to taking it to the next level in 2020!!


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