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How to do an Adult Cake Smash!

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday!

Who says you need to be a kid to have your cake and eat it too? Our friend Jessica decide this was the year she would try an Adult Cake Smash. Her youngest child had just turned one and she throw him an amazing birthday party, with the traditional cake smash. It was so much fun and gave her an idea, why can’t an adult just dive in to their cake? She texted us at once asking if she could photograph this crazy event and of course we said “YES!”

So here is our play by play of an amazing celebration!

Every birthday needs a cake and cupcakes are the perfect size to dig in.



Adult Smash Cake

Special Cupcake for event

Another “must have” is the chalk board. It gives you up-to-date info on our birthday girl.




Chalk board with birthday girl info

Since our birthday girl is over 21 she decided to add a drink to the festivity.

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7280

Adult Cake Smash


Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7297

Adult Cake Smash

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7332

The Essentials

No cake is complete with out a candle and a wish!

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7365

Birthday Wishes

Frosting on the candle should never go to waste.

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7372

Adult Cake Smash

Nether should frosting on your fingers.

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7389

Adult Cake Smash

Now is the time to “DIG IN!!”

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7403

Adult Cake Smash

Don’t try to be lady like because there is no use.

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7414

Adult Cake Smash

Noses need a little frosting too.

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7429

Adult Cake Smash

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7438

Adult Cake Smash

Our birthday girl has decided to wash it down with a bottle of red wine.

Adult Cake Smash stphotography-7453

Adult Cake Smash

After cake it is time to play with balloons.


Adult Birthday


Adult Birthday

Special thanks to the one year old who brought the idea to our birthday girl!


Birthday Love

Congratulations to our birthday girl Jessica! Thank you so much for letting us be apart of your special day!!!


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