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Inspirational Scottish Wedding

Fox Den Country Club stphotography-4226

Traditional Scottish Wedding

When Leigh and Philip were planning their big day they knew they wanted to represent their family heritage by having a Scottish Wedding. They were both very invested in the Smoky Mountain Scottish Festival and Games and decided to start their new life together with the old style traditions.

They chose Fox Den Country Club as their venue for the event. It was perfect! The beautiful green golf course provide a divine backdrop for the festivities. Carrie Wrinn, the wedding coordinator for the venue, made sure everything ran smoothly.

Lisa Foster’s flower arrangements were gorgeous. The colors and variety popped and added a beautiful flare.

Philip Kept with tradition and dressed in a kilt equipped with a Scottish Dirk. Leigh found a perfect dress to complement the theme.

Leigh’s hair and makeup were exquisitely done by Susan Clayton.

During the wedding Philip draped his family’s tartan across Leigh signifying her joining his clan.

Fox Den catered the event with a delicious dish of salmon and chicken.

The reception was so much fun as the guests danced the night away thanks to Drew Justice with Ogle Entertainment.

The two left with a beautiful sparkler exit from their family and friends.



Scottish Wedding complete with kilt and Dirk



Makeup by Susan Clayton

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Flowers by Lisa Foster





Scottish Wedding Tradition


Fox Den County Club stphotography-5021

Scottish Wedding Ceremony

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Fox Den Country Club stphotography-5165

Scottish Wedding Traditions

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Fox Den Country Club stphotography-5769

Amazing food from Fox Den Country Club


Fox Den Country Club stphotography-5776

Special thanks to Ogle Entertainment


Fox Den Country Club stphotography-4269


Fox Den Country Club stphotography-5787

Best Guest Book Ever!

Fox Den Country Club stphotography-5798

First Dance

Fox Den Country Club stphotography-5902

Cutting the Cake

Fox Den Country Club stphotography-6021

Kilts on the dance floor

Fox Den Country Club stphotography-6335

Sparkler Send Off


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